Located in rural, scenic Hershey, Pennsylvania, L & B Farms provides a variety of  equestrian services including lessons, boarding, horse shows, trail riding (for our lesson students), and birthday parties. We serve residents of Elizabethtown, Hershey, Lancaster, Lebanon, and more!

Our barn includes 18 stalls, an indoor arena, an outdoor wash stall with hot water, and other equine amenities. We also have a viewing/lounge area where parents can comfortably watch and wait while their child is taking a lesson. We have nearly 30 acres of pastures for outdoor turnout.

Here at L & B Farms, we strive our hardest to meet your needs and provide a warm and friendly atmosphere. We believe that although it's important to teach our students the skills of riding and competing, it's also very important that all of our clients work together and maintain a friendly environment.

We aim to meet the needs of all horses and owners, and provide a variety of services to accommodate your needs.

Our founder, Lisa, started riding at a young age and competed at shows, fox hunted, and rode on local trails. While training and riding horses for others, Lisa gained valuable experience as a horse handler and trainer.

In the Fall of 2005, Lisa finally took the plunge. She bought her first horse from a local rescue, The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Racehorses (CANTER).

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Our Facilities

Our barn features 18 stalls, an indoor riding arena, and an outdoor wash stall with hot water. We have an upstairs viewing area/lounge where we encourage parents to stay and watch their children during their lessons.

We currently have seven paddocks/pastures. 
We also have an outdoor arena that doubles as a dry lot when the pastures are not suitable for the horses.
Our Horses
Our Horses

We have many breeds of horses:  Thoroughbreds, Paints, Quarter Horses, Draft Crosses and an Appy.  Each of our horses is specially chosen for their knowledge and talents, as well as their ability to be gentle and understanding as people learn.

Each of the horses have different specialties allowing riders to practice specific parts of your curriculum. Although you may ride the same horse several times, most likely you will have many favorites.